Post 2. Age Ranges for Books: Broken Down

I love the Harry Potter books in this picture… anyway… to the point. Have you ever wondered about the divisions for young people’s literature? Here’s a quick break down: Children books are for: ages 0-8 years. This means that children’s books are just the standard picture books. Books that fall under this genre include chapterContinue reading “Post 2. Age Ranges for Books: Broken Down”

Post 1. Eight Reasons to Share Literature with Children

Have you ever wondered why we share literature with children? The biggest reason for me is because… it’s fun! Secondly, it teaches them to read, write, and think better. Other reasons people commonly share literature with children is because: It’s fun, as I’ve said. It’s fun judging covers and experiencing the excitement of a newContinue reading “Post 1. Eight Reasons to Share Literature with Children”

CANVA – a Great Graphic Design Tool

Hello! If you’ve never tried Canva, it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to create a variety of stylish and effective products. Many use it for social media, such as stickers, banners, and labels, while others use it for brochures, menus, info-graphics, and even book covers! It’s user-friendly and has a lot to offer.Continue reading “CANVA – a Great Graphic Design Tool”

Writing Tip – Put Figurative Language in your Arsenal

Have you ever wanted to write, but just wasn’t feeling it? That has been me for quiet some time. I fell in love with writing but over the last year or more, my writing hasn’t really sparked much joy; it’s been more like work. I would tell myself to do it because I loved it,Continue reading “Writing Tip – Put Figurative Language in your Arsenal”

Lady Mary ~ A Second Attempt at Watercolor

I’ve never been interested much in art. I suppose this is because I figured, no, I knew, that there were so many others who were better than me. This is still VERY much true. However, I decided to give it a whirl when I knew I wanted to illustrate children’s books. Though a long journeyContinue reading “Lady Mary ~ A Second Attempt at Watercolor”