Post 7: Should you Use Literary Elements and Devices in Your Writing?

Okay, okay, so I admit, do you really want to write with literary elements and devices in mind? I mean, isn’t that like… high school stuff? True, it is; it’s also college stuff. But, turns out, there are really good reasons to use it in your novels. Find out why below: Here is an in-depthContinue reading “Post 7: Should you Use Literary Elements and Devices in Your Writing?”

Post 6: How to use Adolescent Development in your Writing

If you write for young adults, it’s important to know a little bit about how they develop so that your book is relevant. So lets get to know our readers: There are many changes that adolescents go through that come in the form of physical change, intellectual change, and changing needs. We all know aboutContinue reading “Post 6: How to use Adolescent Development in your Writing”

Post 10: Elements of Historical Fiction

Do you write YA? Do you write Historical Fiction? Laurie Halse Anderson writes contemporary, as well as historical fiction. If you are thinking about doing it, here is a general summary as to what is included as the norm:1. It must feel like history to the intended audience. Generally, this means that it has toContinue reading “Post 10: Elements of Historical Fiction”

Book Review 1: “Period 8”

Book Review Numero 1 out of 25! Brief Summary:┬áPaulie is a part of Period 8, a group that gathers to discuss any and everything… truthfully. When Paulie comes out with the truth that he cheated on his girlfriend, Hannah, it doesn’t go quite as he has planned. Meanwhile, another member of the group, Arney, hasContinue reading “Book Review 1: “Period 8””

Post 5. What is YA Literature?

  Ever thought about writing YA, or reading YA? Want to know what it is? Here are the essential elements that make a book fall under the format of young adult literature as inferred from Mertz and England 1983: 1. Most of these books involve having a young protagonist. Realistically, they’re usually between the agesContinue reading “Post 5. What is YA Literature?”

Post 4. What is Genre, Really?

Did you know that Paranormal Romance is not a genre? Nope, neither is Supernatural Horror. No, afraid not. Those are sub-genres or format. Here are your main genres: fiction and non-fiction. Let’s break FICTION up a bit: Realism: historical, realistic, modern, and contemporary. Fantasy: Modern, traditional   And now let’s break up NON-FICTION: Autobiographies, memoirs,Continue reading “Post 4. What is Genre, Really?”

Post 3. Did you Know? The Anatomy of a Book…

Books can be quite complex… not just the characters within, but concerning the actual binding and making of a book. Each part of a book has a label. Getting to know these individual parts, such as the spine and casewrap, will help you appreciate their delicacy just a tad more. Complete with a gutter, headband,Continue reading “Post 3. Did you Know? The Anatomy of a Book…”