Happy People – Happy Writers

Did you know that you’re more likely to write, and enjoy writing, if you’re happy? That’s right. Let’s face it, with work and people, being happy isn’t always the first state-of-mind we’re in. It doesn’t help coming home to a messy house, either. Well, you may not be able to control everything in your life,Continue reading “Happy People – Happy Writers”

Book Review 4: Pretty Dead

This is the book review for “Pretty Dead” by Lia Francesca Block. I am still a newbie when it comes to making YouTube videos, so please pardon the poor lighting and sound quality. Nonetheless, here it is: #PrettyDead #yabooks #ya #bookreview #writingtip Lia’s website: http://www.francescaliablock.com/ Here is a better book review for you to enjoy:

Book Review 3: Paper Towns

Summary: “Paper Towns” by John Green was an enjoyable book about a boy named Quentin and his crush, Margo. They grew up together only to later drift apart in high school. Quentin, however, has never forgotten the strong, independent Margo. One night, she makes a visit to his house, asking for help as she takesContinue reading “Book Review 3: Paper Towns”

Post 8: And the Award Goes To…

Ever see those shiny yellow stars on a book that looks something like this: Yeah, me neither. Ok, just kidding. Turns out there are many awards that a book can win, such as the Printz, YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction, ALEX, YA Choice, Margaret A. Edwards, and much, much more. Did you know that when publishersContinue reading “Post 8: And the Award Goes To…”

Vincent Malloy – Tim Burton

In the vein of not liking poetry, I thought I would come clean with this: I DO in fact LOVE this poetry and illustrated video by Tim Burton. So dark, so creative. So fun. If you go this his website, Tim Burton Site you can see more of his… interesting poetry and artwork. #timburton #poetry #yaContinue reading “Vincent Malloy – Tim Burton”

Post 9: I don’t Like Poetry, but Children Do

Do you write poetry, Neither do I, In fact if I were forced to read it, I’d probably die.   Poetry is for some, adults here, and children there, but as for me, I really couldn’t care.   I read a book called “Booked” and it was neat, though in verse, about a boy whoContinue reading “Post 9: I don’t Like Poetry, but Children Do”