Post 1. Eight Reasons to Share Literature with Children

Have you ever wondered why we share literature with children? The biggest reason for me is because… it’s fun! Secondly, it teaches them to read, write, and think better.

Other reasons people commonly share literature with children is because:

  1. It’s fun, as I’ve said. It’s fun judging covers and experiencing the excitement of a new story, as well as the camaraderie that comes from fellow readers.
  2. Acquisition of language. The more you read, the more fluent you become. That’s why it’s so important to start children yearly, even as early as kindergarten, that way, the English language, or other languages, become natural.
  3. One of the neatest things it does is create empathy and connections. It enables us to feel what others feel and to connect with those who have gone through similar situations. We learn from others who can relate, and from others things we’ve never experienced like situations with. This gives us compassion and a slower rate at which to judge others, if at all. It teaches us to think before we act.
  4. It supports life-long reading. Start them young, and you’ll likely find that it’s not difficult and they in-fact love to read. It’s no different than saving money for college when they’re a child. Either way, you’re preparing them for success.
  5. Next up is for philosophical reasons. Children can question just as much as adults do, and reading can answer some of their questions on religion and society in a way that other avenues cannot.
  6. Aesthetic experiences. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just a pleasure to see a pun or figurative language at it’s finest. Sometimes a phrase just jumps off of the page and lands in your heart. Sometimes the language just resonates with you in a way that nothing else has. It’s beautiful.
  7. One of the most important is that it develops the imagination. We need great thinkers and that comes by first having the ability to read and imagine which in turns produces ingenuity.
  8. It teachers others about culture in a way that is fascinating and relative. Not everyone is the same, and how well do we know it, but it’s being able to see those differences in a different light that sheds true understanding.

These are some of the many reasons why we share literature with children, all of which help create whole-some, well-developed members of family and society. As a reader myself, I will more willing to read books that I haven’t been willing to read before, as well as promote books that I otherwise wouldn’t have been passionate about. Reading, in essence, is a life-long skill with the power to shape our lives in every aspect, and I intend to share that with others.

By the way, here is a video from John Green about “47 Charming Facts about Children’s Books:”

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