Post 2. Age Ranges for Books: Broken Down

I love the Harry Potter books in this picture… anyway… to the point.

Have you ever wondered about the divisions for young people’s literature?

Here’s a quick break down:

Children books are for: ages 0-8 years. This means that children’s books are just the standard picture books. Books that fall under this genre include chapter books, as well.

Middle grade books… wait for it… are for: 8-12 years (Which is still elementary and intermediate school). That means that a book that falls under the middle-grade genre isn’t necessarily appropriate for middle schoolers, who range from 11-13 years of age.

YA (young adult) books are for: ages 13-18 and some of these books can be in middle schools while most of them are in high school.

New Adult: ages 18-30. Some of these can be found in high schools and are in public libraries, as well, as are all genre’s of books.

The key reflection on this is that not all books are so easily categorized. It’s pertinent to know the content and various recommendations, as well as reviews, on the work. As someone who will be reviewing books and reading them avidly, it helps me to think of how a “middle-grade” book might be more appropriate for a high school or elementary student. It will without a doubt cause me to analyze the work and appropriate students for whom the books would best fit with. Perhaps this could be something you consider the next time you pick up a novel or peruse a shelf in the YA section of your library…

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