Happy People – Happy Writers


Did you know that you’re more likely to write, and enjoy writing, if you’re happy? That’s right. Let’s face it, with work and people, being happy isn’t always the first state-of-mind we’re in. It doesn’t help coming home to a messy house, either. Well, you may not be able to control everything in your life, but here are two things you can do:

Read – That’s right, and I don’t just mean at home. Did you ever read when you were a kid to escape? Well, bring that same principle into your life even now. Keep a book with you at all times. If you can snatch a few lines here and there, then by all means, do it. If you slowly work around your book (then work won’t seem quite so… workish; you’ll be reading a book 2 minutes here, 5 there, and 30 for lunch, etc…) and while you’re still being productive, you’ll be surprised just how much reading you can get done. Believe me, your day will feel a lot more subdued (and if you’re in a stressful environment, this is a good thing).


Clean – Yep, just do it. Clean that house. If you spend a good weekend, or week, (whatever it takes) to whip that place you call home into shape, then do it. Forfeit the fun weekend and get things decluttered and put up. My motto: Everything has a place, everything is in it’s place – then clean it. Maintain this all of the time by doing little “sweeps” at the end of the day before going to bed; is there anything you left out that needs to be put up? Put it up. By keeping a clean atmosphere, coming home will be a delight. It’ll be relaxing and you’ll have free time to write because you’re not in a messy environment; Clean house, clean mind. 01 home office.jpg

Published by E.L. Pierce

Author and daydreamer.

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