New Writing YouTube Channel

Hey guys, I am starting a YouTube channel and will be uploading videos all about the craft of writing. I have a new page on my website dedicated to this topic, but I wanted to let you know here so that you can go check it out if you’d like: Click Me to See IfContinue reading “New Writing YouTube Channel”

It’s Here! Fantasy Book 1 and On Sale!

Don’t give up. That’s what I would tell anyone who is writing or trying to publish a book. I could’ve given up many times, as it took a lot of work to get to this point, but didn’t. So, if you have any publishing or writing question that you need answered, go ahead and leave oneContinue reading “It’s Here! Fantasy Book 1 and On Sale!”

Beta, Createspace, and Publishing Q’s.

Do you have a publishing question? Beta questions? Createspace questions? Just leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap.  I love self-publishing and am excited for my first release in a fantasy trilogy, “Forces and the Malachite Stone.” Starting June 5th, you can get “Forces and the Malachite Stone,” the ebook,Continue reading “Beta, Createspace, and Publishing Q’s.”

Ask your Writing Question Here

Hey all! Over the last nine years, I’ve had loads of questions about the writing process, from publishing to writing dialogue, to how long books should be, etc, and I have definitely had to search for answers. My favorite teachers have always come in the form of books from the local library, yours truly, theContinue reading “Ask your Writing Question Here”

Studying the Writing Craft

Good Morning! I was reflecting this morning of the value of not only reading books and writing often in order to become excellent storytellers, but on studying the craft, as well. It’s important to find authors who share their wealth of knowledge on the craft and to inhale everything they have to offer. Take yourContinue reading “Studying the Writing Craft”