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Hey all! Over the last nine years, I’ve had loads of questions about the writing process, from publishing to writing dialogue, to how long books should be, etc, and I have definitely had to search for answers. My favorite teachers have always come in the form of books from the local library, yours truly, the internet, and more recently, YouTube videos. And, if you are a creative, it is possible you have questions.

With that said, I wanted this post to be a little different. If you have any writing (craft) question, or publishing question, leave it in the comments, and lets discuss! I can also answer art questions, but admit that my expertise is in writing.

So don’t be shy. Go ahead, ask that question.

Sample questions: How long does it take to write a book? How do you format a book? How do you come up with ideas? Where can I find agents?


I may not write back with a quill and ink, but I’ll definitely use this computer to my advantage!

As always, happy writing.

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