Various Voices in Audiobooks?

Kristen Cashore’s book, Graceling, is something I picked up at the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library Sell a year or two ago. It’s on audio, and instead of one narrator, it is actually read with a narrator, and individual voices (voice actors) for dialogue. At first, this really threw me off, and I considered turning itContinue reading “Various Voices in Audiobooks?”

Longhand or Typed – Which is Better for Writing?

A post for writers – Longhand, or Typed? Do you do your writing on your computer, or do you write by hand? If you use the computer, there are five reasons you might want to try longhand. Keep reading to see why. Everybody knows that using the keyboard is ten, if not a hundred timesContinue reading “Longhand or Typed – Which is Better for Writing?”

The ALSC has it wrong.

The #ALSC has it wrong. Click the link to read the article on why they removed Laura Ingle Wilder’s book award. Removing Laura’s Award They decided to remove Laura Ingle Wilder’s book award because: “This decision was made in consideration of the fact that Wilder’s legacy, as represented by her body of work, includes expressionsContinue reading “The ALSC has it wrong.”

WordPress Search/ Drafting Paranormal YA

Did you know you can find other WordPress users by searching for them on your dashboard-space-thing? I know, I’m so behind the times. I mean, I’ve invested so much time in making my space here and posting and following sites I liked that were recommended, but, but, You mean I can search for them, too,Continue reading “WordPress Search/ Drafting Paranormal YA”

Book Summaries, Strengths, and Connections for Children

If you want some reflective summaries, the strengths and themes of a work, and connections to teach with and get more from the author, here is a sample of one of the many book reviews I do for children. You can find more under, “Analyzing Literature,” the children’s tab on my home page. “The ThreeContinue reading “Book Summaries, Strengths, and Connections for Children”

Does Telling a Story Make You an Author? Or Writing It? You Tell Me.

As a self-published author, I have my own particular thoughts on publishing a book with my name/pen-name on it. But, how do you guys feel about ghost writers? These are the books by NAME with NAME. They are told by one person, and written by another, called the ghostwriter. Can you fairly call someone who told theContinue reading “Does Telling a Story Make You an Author? Or Writing It? You Tell Me.”

New Page for: Children’s Books

If you like reading children’s books to your kiddos, students, or just for fun, or want to know what’s out there to help you become a better children’s book writer, make sure to check out my growing page (under Book Review Services) where I review various children’s books, as well as leave author links andContinue reading “New Page for: Children’s Books”