Studying the Writing Craft

Good Morning!

I was reflecting this morning of the value of not only reading books and writing often in order to become excellent storytellers, but on studying the craft, as well. It’s important to find authors who share their wealth of knowledge on the craft and to inhale everything they have to offer. Take your writing up a notch. Go to your local library, or to Amazon, and get some books on the craft itself. Study how to write action, dialogue, and when and how to do description. Learn, learn, learn. Learn about pacing and things like, “Where’s the heat?” for each scene. Read articles on various websites to enrich your story-telling.

One book I thoroughly enjoyed was, “The Writer’s Little Helper,” by James Smith, Jr. Barty Junior. Okay, just kidding. I like Harry Potter way too much. Other great reads include “On Writing, a Memoir of the Craft,” by Stephen King. Eat these books up.



As always, hope this helps. Happy writing!

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