What are you Reading?

Am I the only one who goes back and forth in-between books? Currently, I’m between “A Stranger with my Face,” by Lois Duncan, and “The Woman in Cabin Ten” by Ruth Ware. What are you currently reading? Do you go back and forth?     #whatareyoureading? #amreading #books #yabooks #adultbooks

How to Make your Writing More Immediate

Is it weird that I sometimes think “scary” music is pretty? Like the score from, “The Ring,”  is actually kind of pretty… Anyway… Writing tip, as promised. When you’re writing, consider using more solid forms of language to make your scenes more immediate. This can primarily be done by focusing in on your verbs. ForContinue reading “How to Make your Writing More Immediate”

Mandie Books – A Childhood Favorite

  These three of the many “Mandie” books were my absolute favorite. I LOVE these books and completely recommend them to young readers (fifth grade and up). They’re written by Lois Gladdys Leppard. These books are about a young girl named Mandie and her cat who go on various adventures with her Grandmother Mrs. Taff.Continue reading “Mandie Books – A Childhood Favorite”

Scythe Book Review – “Thou Shalt Kill”

Summary: This is the story about a girl and a boy, Citra and Rowan, who are both selected to become Scythe’s. This is a really neat book, also dystopian, where disease and death has been eradicated. Now, not only do people not die, but they can regenerate, too. Once you turn 100, for example, ifContinue reading “Scythe Book Review – “Thou Shalt Kill””