Junior Library Guild

Library Guild: This is a great-looking website for librarians looking to order books with free shipping. From newsletters, webcasts, and promotions, book talks, and events, this sight appears spot-on. Definitely worth checking out. Also worth checking out: VOYA They have awesome Top-Shelf picks for Middle School Readers with descriptions and images, along with categories forContinue reading “Junior Library Guild”

Reflecting on Traditional Publishing as a Self-Publisher…

I’m so glad I made the decision to self-publish. Before, I was searching the net, looking for what I felt was the “right” agent (which was very few and far in-between) only to find an email rejection, or nothing in return. I queried about 25 agents for “Forces and the Malachite Stone” and was stillContinue reading “Reflecting on Traditional Publishing as a Self-Publisher…”

New Website here at E.L. Pierce!

I am so excited to announce the new website reveal for E.L. Pierce. No longer is it http://www.elpierce.blog.wordpress.com, but rather just e.l.pierce.org. Not only do we have a new URL, but it’s has a new layout, too! So come on over and enjoy all that I have to offer. New offer: Free #WordsRead design forContinue reading “New Website here at E.L. Pierce!”