How to Make your Writing More Immediate

Is it weird that I sometimes think “scary” music is pretty? Like the score from, “The Ring,”  is actually kind of pretty…


Writing tip, as promised.

When you’re writing, consider using more solid forms of language to make your scenes more immediate. This can primarily be done by focusing in on your verbs. For example, try saying:

He ran instead of He started to run or He was running.

They key is to eliminate unnecessary words and words that end in -ing.

Here is another example: Instead of saying:

Michael, who was hesitating, turned to survey the room. Say: Michael hesitated, then turned to survey the room.

Better yet: Michael hesitated, then turned and surveyed the room.

When you have the word ‘to’ before your action, you’re likely slowing your story down.

Hope that helps! As always, happy writing!

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