WordPress Search/ Drafting Paranormal YA

Did you know you can find other WordPress users by searching for them on your dashboard-space-thing? I know, I’m so behind the times. I mean, I’ve invested so much time in making my space here and posting and following sites I liked that were recommended, but, but, You mean I can search for them, too, apart from Google? Cool!

Slaps forehead.

I can’t wait to interact with other like-minded users out there.

Meanwhile, I’m moving on to writing the second draft of my Paranormal YA book, Upward Demon. I haven’t discussed this book before, so if you like posts on writing, from tips to the process, as well as Paranormal YA, then stick around.


An inspirational picture from my Pinterest board below: Meet, Katherine Kate.



Katherine Kate lives with a secret. Struggling to be the “good girl” proves a bit difficult when her past comes back to haunt her dreams and waking hours. Fighting and being the “bad girl” comes all too easily once more, and only intensifies when Zave, the man from her dreams, comes to bring her to the dark side.

Enter a world of demons, love, and loss in, Upward Demon.

Tip: I was a bit skeptical of making a Pinterest board but gave it a try, anyway. Turns out it is a huge time consumer, but, was very inspirational. And, honestly, I love fresh new ideas to incorporate in my writing that I think will enrich it. So, I suggest giving it a try.

As always, happy writing.

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Writing Calendars

Ever struggle with being consistent with your writing? Victoria Schwab, a fellow writer, and author, once presented the amazing idea of using a calendar to keep yourself accountable. The goal is to put a sticker on a calendar for each day that you succeeded in writing. Not only does it keep you accountable, as each day that goes by without a sticker can be depressing, but it is also encouraging to see all of the stickers start to add up! The goal is to make each sticker worth so many words (500 or 100 words). It is also great when working under a deadline!

You can check out her website here: Victoria Schwab