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7 Reasons People Read Infographic


I created this infographic on ( as a way to practice creating an infographic. I looked at,, and After browsing these three programs, I decided that was the most user-friendly. It took some getting used to, with minor trial and error, and would most likely be a good tool for those who are comfortable using the computer. The major downfall was that it’s cartoon graphics were extremely limited unless you upgraded for a small fee. It’s upside was that it offered a lot of templates with relatively easy use.

Piktochart: Had a lot of templates to choose from, but didn’t look as appealing for the younger generation as the other templates on did. It looked more career/work focused. A lot of really nice infographics could be made on if I had paid for the upgrade, much better than the one you see above where I had to resort to stock images.

Infogram: I didn’t explore this one near as much, as it didn’t look as user-friendly. After finding a template to explore, it didn’t seem to have as many options as, etc. It could be just as good, but didn’t appeal to me.

In all honesty, I think using would have been just as good, more user-friendly, and would have offered more images (stock and cartoon) to pick from with higher quality downloads.

The information in the infogram, “7 Reasons People Read,” came from Pew Research Center, which you can find here: Facts

APA Citation:

Why people like to read. (2012, April 5). Retrieved from Pew research center website:


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