On the Side – Helphousepets

I love writing, but I also love helping out at my local animal shelter, which has over 500 pets on any given day. Along with writing and taking care of the home, I’ve been taking care of 4 kittens, prior to taking care of 3 puppies. Right now, just feeding the kittens is costing about $80 a month! Yikes! If you have 2 minutes to spare and $2 to go with it, we’d love your help so that I can keep fostering after these babies get a home! #helphousepets

Check out the cuties below:

Left is Bitsy, right O’Malley, and the twin black kitties are unnamed as of now. 🙂

70381679_2456430857811411_892988275671695360_n.jpg 70554591_2456430914478072_2905200897892024320_n.jpg

70340140_2456408847813612_4790361133296910336_o.jpg 70979529_2456455514475612_3372746618213236736_n.jpg


If you’d like to donate, just click the following link:


Or go to Twitter: #helphousepets



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