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Hello everyone. Ever thought about using a blog reader? Feedly.com is one of many, and I chose it because it seemed to be the most user-friendly and simplistic out of several. It’s nice because it houses all of your favorite or most frequently visited websites for quicker/easier access. All of the links below will appear on my Feedly feed where I can access them quickly. It’s like a place to organize your favorite websites, etc…

Being in the teaching and writing business, here are a few I found:

Book Riot: I chose this one because it seemed simplistic and because it had many articles, as well as poems, too, to read and enjoy keeping up-to-date on.

Bookish: I choose this one while I was looking for websites that offered book reviews. It looked professional and full of various books to explore.

Goodreads Blog: I decided to follow goodreads blog because they’re very well-known, both for readers and authors, and offer consistently new resources of many types.

Children’s Illustration: I chose this blog because I love to illustrate and want to learn more about the process. It looked like a fun website to explore.

Design of the Picture Book: This website also looked comprehensive and like it offered a lot to garner from the world of illustration.

Also, here is a link to my Tumblr site where I just found a neat illustration and short story based on the novel series: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

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