Have You Tried the Kindle Yet?

Hello, fellow writer-teers.

Reading on the computer on phone, or evan an iPad for that matter has always been real unappealing. However, after purchasing one for a family member, I saw how thin and light it was, as well as how easy it is on the eyes. It wasn’t too bright as it sometimes is on the page, or heavy, for that matter. Nor was it harsh on the eyes on the usual tech.

Not only that, but borrowing books from the library is so much faster and efficient. No more late fees!


As for an update on the Christmas short-story, well, let’s just say the holidays took over and that short story is still… just really short! Here’s to pushing forward anyway. Next up, back to the novels.

What are you working on? And do you prefer Kindle, books, or other devices? Let me know in the comments.

As always, happy writing!

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