White is the new Black

So today I thought that I’d do a brief blog on a topic I really like, but am in no way a guru on: Design and decorating. Granted, it’s not on the topic of writing, but creating a positive space will do wonders for making your mental mind ready to sit down and get to writing!

How many of you like to design and decorate your the interior of your home? I love to, but for many years I always decorated with earth tones such as brown, gold and crimson. As some years have passed, however, I have found that even though I truly still like and appreciate those colors that I am now choosing and favoring lighter colors due to the effects they have.

Effects: more open, more clean, and fresh. Also, more professional.

Dark furnishings and decor tend to darken a room and make it feel smaller. That’s not to say that you can’t have dark pieces, but it’ll lighten the area and make it more airy if you add white or light-toned accents.

Curtains are huge! Often, you’ll see dark one’s used to block out light, but the light and the light colored curtains are what will make one of the biggest impact on opening up your house.

The second things that work really well are pillows and throws – having a limited number of these items and have light colored ones are an excellent way to brighten up a dark area.

Rugs work really well, too. A small rug under a coffee table can brighten up a bland room. Lamps and picture frames: Lamps will aid to rooms that don’t have much natural light and picture frames that have lighter edges (not black or brown) but grey, and light colors, will do a lot to cheering up your house.

If you really want to liven it up, you can still evoke a calm house with a spark of life by throwing in an orange or yellow flower on the table or on the wally. That spark of bright color will really give it a punch.

Plants and wood. Any green plants (though not too many) go a long way to bringing nature inside and increasing positivity. Wood has a similar affect; the texture and tones bring out the wild aspect of nature and can make a more modern home a bit more cozy, thus bringing in balance.

Lastly, pertaining to design, making sure that furniture is NOT pushed up against other pieces of furniture is really, really important to giving your room space. If you can’t separate items without taking away walking space, the important key here is to downsize or declutter. *Note – decluttering can include furniture, too.

These are some things that I’ve discovered that help me when I design and decorate a room.

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