Random Revision Tip


Just a quick note that I’ve found VERY helpful when I’ve been stuck in my revision stage.

I heard this advice from Kristen Marten (I’m pretty sure it was her; go check her Youtube channel out) and it has proven it’s merit.

And here it is: Think about your story all day, in the bath, at work, and while cooking – basically every chance you get. While these weren’t her exact words, I made them work for me.

I grabbed up a notebook and started reading my manuscript. My plan was to make another outline of the story as I read so I could go over the outline and brainstorm improvements for a later draft. Some evenings before bed I sat down with the notebook and wrote improvements and ideas on it, and other times I just thought about it and would come back to the notebook at a later time.

I even took the notebook to work and kept it at my desk for the rare times that I had a moment to brainstorm. Truth be told, I didn’t have time – to write, that is, but it did help to keep my story in my mind, and over the last few days, I’ve come up with solutions to predicaments I’ve been stuck on for way too long.

Going back to my manuscript was not only productive, but I felt that I had a clearer path to a better manuscript.

So the key? Keep your story in your mind at all times, or at least very often, and keep a notebook to brainstorm potential ideas for those scenes that you know aren’t any good and can’t figure out how to fix. It’s really helped me so far, because as I experienced the day, different ideas would present themselves to me that otherwise wouldn’t have.

Sorry if this post has errors. Late night posts don’t always equal the best quality. Lo siento y feliz escribiendo.

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