Behind the Scenes – Writing a Short Story

If you love to write and are anything like me, you might enjoy seeing another’s process when it comes to writing. What easier way to show this than when writing a short story?

In my previous post, the challenge of writing a Christmas short story was announced. As I write/draft, “The Winter Mix,” I will show my process and progress here for any interested. You’d be surprised how much you can glean from another’s process.

So let’s get to it:


Brain Reflections: Decide I really want to do something I love. Realize a short story is less cumbersome. Realize that a Christmas short story would be awesome.

I don’t type stories anymore, because I decided that writing longhand (paper and pen/pencil) is really, really effective for slowing me down and producing quality over quantity. But, being in a place where I didn’t have the ease of really focusing mentally that hard, I pulled up the closest computer I had and started throwing it down  – words, that is.

Basically, I got as cheesy as I could – see that’s the key to getting something out sometimes. Just go with it; otherwise, you can limit yourself to even starting. In this case, it’s just a short story, and I just want to really enjoy the process of seeing if I can come up with something half way decent, so I started typing.

BTW: Google docs is your friend if you find yourself squeezing in writing here and there and anywhere.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.27.04 AM

In the image above, you can see where I very simply just started typing. No worries about font or size, except being able to see it, of course. I knew I wanted to write a short story, so I googled to make sure I was in the right page range. I even considered a novella, but don’t think time will allow.

As I typed, I couldn’t help but reflect on just how horrible it was. After I wrote about a page, I took a pause and re-read in order to make small tweaks, but still with a no-worry mindset. There’s always time for improvements/revision. When it was time to leave, I highlighted and commented where I left of with my “edits,” for ease of returning to work.

I haven’t returned to it in a day and a half, so, here’s hoping I can get back to it soon. I’ll give more updates as I go. The only other thing I did was pause and reflect on what exactly it was I wanted to write; like where I could go with it. Still a little vague other than this:

A woman gets in a wreck and two days later goes to the library for research on past due college work. She’ll get locked/snowed in, decide to call it a night, etc etc, only to find the books have a life of their own and want to include her in them.

Pretty vague and lifeless, but it’s a building I’m putting together slowly but surely.


Where are you at in your progress? What are you writing? How do you roll?

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