Book Review 10: Persepolis

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Doust thou likest graphic novels? En esta es para tu. Okay, so I never did get that Spanish degree…. not that this has anything to do with Spanish.

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Summary: Marji is a very young girl learning about the terror, rebels, and leadership that affects their political system. Her entire life is focused on her relationship with God and being a prophet. As she grows, she struggles to understand why people believe so strongly in someone only to change their minds. She tries to understand the distinct differences in revenge and forgiveness. Her everyday life is full of stories about men going to prison for their beliefs. This affects not only her growing beliefs and thoughts on how and what to believe, as well as how she interacts with others. As her life continues to change and she is introduced to more violence, her relationship with God slowly begins to change.

Reflection: I’m not really a fan of this book. The reason for that is simply that I wasn’t engaged. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not an important book. This book does a good job of teaching others about a life that is vastly different than their own. It also does a good job in teaching empathy to others. I like it for that. I think it’s important to have educational books available to us and that memoirs do an exceptional job at teaching us.

Age group: I think high school students would be most appreciative of the book, while younger one’s might read it due to the variety of images which tell a story in themselves.

Here is an interesting article conducted by Emma Watson (former Hermione on Harry Potter).

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