Post 12: Nonfiction & What I’m Reading



(The Creative Penn has great resources for authors.)

diverse shelves.jpgThe book, “How to Market a Book,”  is a great example of nonfiction for writers, both traditionally and self-published. “The World of Dinosaurs,” is another example that’s great for kids and adults alike. Personally, I love dinosaurs.

Here are some things to think about when writing and evaluating non-fiction:

  1. Are you an expert in the field; is the author? It’s important to really research and have up-to-date knowledge on the subject. For evaluating books, check the inside of the back of the book and their website.
  2. Have the facts been verified? That really ties in as to whether or not the author hasdone their research. Make sure you’re spilling the truth.
  3. What is the book about? Read the back and the inside flap to make sure it’s over what you’re really interested lest you waste your time, and make sure you’re providing direct information on your website and back-cover to accurately convey the primary information to be gleaned.
  4. Does the writer have any links with organizations that provide more information for further information, do you?
  5. Are there visuals? Do they have captions? Do they enhance the text? Visuals are both aesthetic and informational. Without them, you’re 99% likely to loose your readers. We need variety of format.

Since I’m not only a writer and am also going into the library profession, if you are a teacher or even a parent, here are 5 questions you might can ask your student’s/children: (Carter and Abrahamson)

  1. What would life be like if this were written 50 years earlier or later?
  2. What are your favorite pictures and illustrations?
  3. Would this book be a good documentary?
  4. What did the author have to do to research material for this book?
  5. What three questions would you ask the author?Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 4.55.01 PM.pngClick here to visit Book Riot, a great website for identifying 10 great works of non-fiction.

My main reading in the non-fiction arena is about gardening, the craft of writing, and self-publishing. However, as I continue to broaden my horizons and “Climb the Sacks” (great YoutTube vlog to check out), I will keep an eye out for educational books to share with children, teens, young adults, and adults, will checking for illustrations, authenticity, and relatedness.

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Also, What am I Reading?

Currently, I am reading (or listening through Audible, actually) “Liar and Spy” by Rebecca Stead of which I will be giving a book review on sometime soon. So make sure to stay tuned for that.


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