Inspiration for Wednesday ~ Breathe

By the middle of the week, you might be starting your downward slump of exhaustion and what’s more, you might find that your time for doing your passion is dwindling. However, to keep you guys and myself motivated and energized, I thought I would briefly talking about little things that will help you get through it.

For me, it’s making time for myself and working in the cracks (I’ll explain that one later). So many people are in a hurry; they walk fast, talk fast, and talk fast.

S.L.O.W. down.

What’s more, they keep moving from one task to another. I’d like to advise against that. What really works for me is slowing down my pace. When I’m walking somewhere, I don’t stroll, but I don’t nearly jog, either. Just walk. Try this out, it’s likely that when you first try it that it’ll be a little difficult at first and you’ll try to make excuses as to why you need to get moving. Even in the car, slow down. Relax a little – you’ll find that you’re a lot happier and at ease.

By making time for myself, I can breathe and think better. I also sit down every other hour for at least five minutes to collect my thoughts; to be in the present and do something I enjoy – even if it’s just thinking about what I enjoy. In a way, this is meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to include sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, you eyes closed and your fingers pinched together; it’s just being aware and mindful of where you are and what’s on your mind, as well as what’s happening around you.

The second thing that helps me with motivation is working in the cracks. So many times, even though I’m relaxed and enjoying my day, I’m still a bit bummed that I can’t fully emerge myself in my work. However, finding three or five, and if lucky, even ten minutes every hour or two to concentrate on what I really* want to be doing is a great way to one, make progress on whatever that task is, and two, to know that it’s still getting done rather than having to be put off – it’s just a bit slower, that’s all.

So, taking things easy by slowing down and making time for myself as a living being really helps me. The second thing is continually working on what’s important to my, i.e., my passion, by working in the cracks here and there to ensure that it’s not waiting all day or days to get done.

Hope that helps! Feliz escribiendo ~ Happy writing.



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