Did You Know?

Endless books, DVD’s, silence and comfy chairs… and, depending on your location, gardening and volunteer opportunities… Where is all of this at, you ask? Check out your local library, no, really, do it. Some libraries have container gardening (for free) and opportunities to volunteer with children at rodeo’s, and an assortment of other activities.

Most people think of towering shelves with old, dusty books and a librarian holding a finger to her lips, but that’s just simply not the case these days. Your local library is perfect for an aspiring author who needs resource materials and a quiet place to read/write. (There are many books on the craft of writing and getting published!)

It’s also great when it comes to trying new things and getting involved. In fact, I’m learning a second language via their free Rosetta Stone service! So check out your library (find them on the net, it’s real easy, just type in ‘library’ and the name of your area). Most librarians should be super helpful to tell you all about their many opportunities and what they offer.

So enjoy it, that’s what it’s there for!

Published by E.L. Pierce

Author and daydreamer.

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