Flight of the Griffin

One of the few artistic things I do other than writing. It is always good to see your world come to life… If you find yourself wanting to draw, but feel that you just aren’t any good at it, I understand. I’m not either, except on rare occasions. There are a couple of things that really help me to come out with something other than a squibbly stick person when I draw. One, it helps to have music on that I both enjoy, and can lose myself in. This means I can concentrate. Second, if you look at a picture before hand, it helps tremendously. All you have to do from there is see it on the page and draw what you see. Looking at the page you’re drawing on and “seeing” it there before you make a line is key. At least, those are the two things that really help me.887191_934150210039491_8400908319429681799_o.jpg

Published by E.L. Pierce

Author and daydreamer.

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