Which Cover would you Choose?

If you had to pick a cover, which one would it be? The illustrated watercolor (minus the make-shift title) or the photo-stock image? Keep in mind the right title is not centered, but when it’s printed, it is.

Forces Cover Illus.                    Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.32.48 PM

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of either all that much. The font on the blue cover is dull and the painting looks quite kiddish. Any constructive* feedback would be appreciated.

Writing Tip: Put it on your Desk

Sometimes just printing out pages of your manuscript while you write and compiling them on your desk can be a huge motivator as you watch your story grow into a full novel. I did that for my first book, Forces and the Malachite Stone, and it was exciting. I dare say it helped me keep going. So give it a try, you might just get the same encouragement, knowing that your work is amounting to something tangible.

Happy writing!

79d2a3de210f1a33693b3b2d4177589e.jpg (600×315)

Image by Mark A. Rayner

Snowing in Texas – Write with Scenery

Those are words you don’t hear very often, maybe once a decade if you’re lucky: It’s snowing in Texas.

The snow’s beauty is magnified here in Texas as most of it falls on trees, blanketing them in soft crystals. In Oklahoma, for instance, it’s mostly roofs of small businesses that are covered.

Truly Christmas is on the way! For those of you who have the luxury of writing, take the time to snuggle up with a warm cup of whatever-it-is-you-like and take advantage of the beautiful, cold scenery to spice up your imagery and senses in your story. I know I plan too!

Whether it’s taking note on what it’s really like for your characters in a cold setting, from the shivering to the cold puffs of air, to the numb fingers, or just practicing your skills in scene/setting writing, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

Happy writing folks.

Inktober is Over… So, Watercolor!


So Inktober is officially past BUT there is a great assortment of videos from The Mind of Watercolor that deals not only with ink but watercolor, as well. The videos from Steve Mitchell is vast and highly informative, as well as entertaining. I love watching him sketch, ink, and create watercolor art in various formats. Here’s a sample below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.49.08 AM

What’s Missing in Your Writing?

Short and to the point post: Music.

If you haven’t found a song or songs to listen to that inspire you, you’re missing out. From your favorite bands, artists, or even soundtracks, all music, even instrumental, has some story to tell. Let those stories and those emotions fuel your imagination.

I don’t always listen to the music while I’m writing but rather while I’m planning and outlining. Then again, depending, if the music is in perfect line with the scene I’m writing, I’ll keep it going.

Recommendation: Scores from your favorite movies or favorite genre that you write in. Personally, I love Two Steps from Hell and music that YouTuber, Epic Music Shall Prevail posts. They’re providing the music and I’m providing the scenes. It’s a win-win.

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