So if you’ve watched the movie, you know that Beowulf, in part, was as awesome as it was thanks to it’s score. Sometimes, you just need an awesome score to reflect the emotion and action in a movie, and sometimes, you need it to get some ideas flowing, hence the playlist you can listen to whileContinue reading “BEOWULF SCORE”

“The Spindlers”

“Looking across the breakfast table one morning, twelve-year-old Liza feels dread wash over her. Although her younger brother, Patrick, appears the same, Liza knows that he is actually quite different. She is certain that the spindlers—evil, spiderlike beings—came during the night and stole his soul. And Liza is also certain that she is the onlyContinue reading ““The Spindlers””

Just Released: New Short Story!

Hey there! Check out “A Familiar Face” over on wattpad! If you like horror/suspense, you’re in the right place! For a free read, click on the title next to the cover. . A Familiar Face Haunted by a past that won’t let her go, Jamie must protect the one she loves most from the same horror that happenedContinue reading “Just Released: New Short Story!”

Writing Better – Spontaneity

Spontaneous. Something to be noted about impulsivity is the newness it brings in your life – new people, scenery, emotions, and conflict. It is these things that not only generate creativity, but give us something worthy  of penning. On a similar note, having a spontaneous attitude in our reading habits is to every writer’s advantage.Continue reading “Writing Better – Spontaneity”