Upward Demon

Paranormal YA

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Tonight, she knew. She breathed deeply and freed herself to the dream. As soon as she did, he stood over her bed, gazing down at her with soft eyes. His face was peaceful and sent a wave of contentment down her. “I know you’re not afraid of me,” he whispered, “but you should be.” He smiled gently and took her hand in his.


Katherine Kate lives with a secret. Struggling to be the “good girl” proves a bit difficult when her past comes back to haunt her dreams and waking hours. Fighting and being the “bad girl” comes all too easily once more, and only intensifies when Zave, the man from her dreams, comes to bring her to the dark side.

Enter a world of demons, love, and loss in, Upward Demon.

This is in the 2nd stage of revision. Updates on my blog as they come!
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