Since I love art, I wanted a place to share some of my work. A lot of it is simply rough drawings and paintings, but things I enjoyed, nonetheless. I never claimed Picasso, so enjoy it for what it is.

Famous Flames sketch. (Art inspired from a tattoo magazine). One of my all-time favorites.

Famous Flames Tattoo.jpg

Famous Tattoo Numero 2. I gave up on the hair, as you can see.

Someone Famous Tattoo.jpg

Ms. Lady Crawley (Mary Crawley) from Downton Abbey – Watercolor (My second watercolor, I think).

Mary Crawley.jpg

Strumple at the Window: for an upcoming picture book. First watercolor.

Considering digital work on this one.

Strumple and the Window.jpg

Rough sketch of a scene I want to transfer to watercolor paper and paint for “Strumple.”

Through the Woods.jpg

Also for Strumple: exploring ink and later digital paint. I have always loved grey and black sketches.

Missing Mushrooms.jpeg

The Malachite Stone sketch.

Malachite Stone.jpg

Ki and the Griffin – “Forces and the Malachite Stone”

Ki and the Griffin.jpg

Montague Fan Art 1. I later transferred this to canvas and painted with watercolor. Loved it. Best watercolor yet.

Montague Fan Art.jpg

Montague Fan Art 2

Montague Fan Art 2.jpg

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