Podcasts in the School Library

The use of podcasts in relation to a library could be very useful and interesting. Not only could you direct students to them over various topics of interest to them, but you could use it in lessons, as well; just assign a podcast and let the students learn at their own pace! I think the biggest key is awareness – students need to know that they exist, as well as what kinds exist, and how to access them. A bulletin or other means of displays, would aid in educating them about this great resource at their disposal.

To see what goes into making a podcast, which staff and students could do, as well, I created a mini podcast on the role of Librarians as Teachers: Collaboration. Here is the link to the podcast! I used Podbean, in which I could create a free account and make several podcasts that are easily saved. It’s easy to use, much like YouTube. It’s very user-friendly. If you want, you can upgrade to a premium account, too.

Other means to creating a podcast can be done through Soundcloud and Audioboo. Soundcloud looks easy to use; just create an account: you can use your Google or Facebook account, and go from there. It allows you to use images for your podcasts, too. Audioboom also looks user-friendly, allowing you to create an account for your podcasts, though it does have a monthly fee with many distribution avenues to popular venues. I choose to use Podbean because it’s free and looks the simplest. Ease: The use of podcasts in the library and with students is beyond easy. Challenge: The only challenges I can foresee is the students having headphones to listen; not everyone will have them.

If you’d like to find educational podcasts, you can look here:

Even authors and popular YouTubers often have podcasts!
Again, here is the link to my podcast: