Practice with Comic Strips

Have you ever wondered about making an avatar, or using comic strips for and with your class? If so, below are three websites that are briefly explained with visuals. Whether a teacher, librarian, writer, etc, they can be fun and useful.

1. Pixton – I really enjoyed getting to try this cartoon maker. I always wondered how to make an avatar and was actually able to make one. The site is very easy and fun to use. Below you can see a snapshot of my comic. I used a screenshot of it because in order to download it, I would’ve had to use the upgrade feature. I really recommend it as an eye-catcher for flyers and even instructions for assignments! I would like this site better if I could download/save without upgrading. However, the avatars were free! There was a lot of variety! Students would be able to use this, and I think they would find it fun!

pixton-avatar-headshot (1).png pixton-avatar-full-body.png Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 9.10.16 PM.png

2. MakeBeliefsComix – This was not the easiest to use at first, but after continuing to try and figure it out, I was able to make a cute cartoon! (in my opinion, anyway). At first, I was like, there is no way I am going like this, but if you scroll to the right, there are many more options than that which first meets the eye; the variety it offers is important.Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.24.17 PM.png

3. ToonDoo – unfortunately, did not work. I tried for over two hours, on my laptop, desktop, my phone, and my boyfriends phone! I could only advance as far as the registration part, wherein the site would not move forward/load from there. Regardless, I am happy with the two I was able to use and could see myself using them in the future! In order to save your image on this site, you had to create an account; log in. Students could use this, too, and after exploring, would likely have fun with it.

Sharing: I would love to create a comic to invite teachers to learn about creating comics in their rooms and with their students during their lunches or for a brief time during their plan (conference period) – like 15 mins, max, as a way to encourage them to learn about it.

Hope you enjoyed!

Published by E.L. Pierce

Author and daydreamer.

One thought on “Practice with Comic Strips

  1. I, too, struggled with ToonDoo. I don’t know why it was so difficult to use or load. MakeBeliefsComix was a little confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed that one. Your comics are great! I love your avatar!


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