Videos and QR Codes in the Library

This post discusses several library based YouTube videos that serve as examples that other librarians can get inspiration from. Not only that, but teachers and librarians can realize the potential of personally created videos in the classroom and library through the use of a program called Animoto. Not only that, but what better way toContinue reading “Videos and QR Codes in the Library”

How to Create a Flyer using Canva

Watch the screencast here to learn how to create a flyer for free on! To create this video, I used Screencast and downloaded a free file to allowed me access to record my screen while speaking. I also used QuickTime Player, where I recorded the screen and an audio at the same time. TonightContinue reading “How to Create a Flyer using Canva”

7 Reasons People Read Infographic

I created this infographic on ( as a way to practice creating an infographic. I looked at,, and After browsing these three programs, I decided that was the most user-friendly. It took some getting used to, with minor trial and error, and would most likely be a good toolContinue reading “7 Reasons People Read Infographic”