On the Side – Helphousepets

I love writing, but I also love helping out at my local animal shelter, which has over 500 pets on any given day. Along with writing and taking care of the home, I’ve been taking care of 4 kittens, prior to taking care of 3 puppies. Right now, just feeding the kittens is costing about $80 a month! Yikes! If you have 2 minutes to spare and $2 to go with it, we’d love your help so that I can keep fostering after these babies get a home! #helphousepets

Check out the cuties below:

Left is Bitsy, right O’Malley, and the twin black kitties are unnamed as of now. 🙂

70381679_2456430857811411_892988275671695360_n.jpg 70554591_2456430914478072_2905200897892024320_n.jpg

70340140_2456408847813612_4790361133296910336_o.jpg 70979529_2456455514475612_3372746618213236736_n.jpg


If you’d like to donate, just click the following link:


Or go to Twitter: #helphousepets



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

This post is for teachers and librarians, and possibly writers, too, over popular apps: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook is, in my opinion, outdated except for personal use among family and friends. When I checked out two high school library facebook pages, (Alvarado and Pasadena) though done nicely, there were very little comments or interaction. The disadvantage is

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 8.06.26 PM.png

that the K-12 population is less likely to use it, thus hindering the promotion of the library. The advantages, though, is that it is interactive and informative, allowing for various video posts and announcements.

Unfortunately, I do think the popularity is going away.


Twitter, however, offers a great flow of materials and resources for teachers, and would be effective for continuing educating, promoting the library for staff and teachers, more so than for students. Some people to consider following in the education world are:

Jim Lerman @jimlerman: Shares teacher news, as well as resources and websites to help teachers. Leans heavily on improving teachers’ lessons as well as giving insight to the instructional world in general.

Linda W Braun @lbraun2000: She shares a lot from YALSA, and retweets a lot of opinion based material on what needs to be improved in the world of education.

Alan November @globallearner: He shares a lot of information on the art of teaching and the use of the first 5 days, to projects, etc…

The Daring Librarian @GwynethJones: She has interesting posts, like the world exclusive true face of Shakespeare revealing, to band events at school, to Back-to-School Tech recommendations for teachers.

Kathy Schrock @kathyschrock: This account is full of technology information, such as edtech websites to Chroomebook simulators. You can even read about the Immersive Reader and other helpful resources when it comes to technology, as seen below:

Instagram is an app that I discovered to be super efficient and fun. I’ve shared a video for the first time, as well as three pictures. Instagram is a great tool for something as simple as a quick and easy posting of a class assignment. You could also have the students use it to share teaching moments with one another over various topics, etc… A sample of my home library that needs cataloging is seen below:

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Home library

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I didn’t see a con to using Twitter that couldn’t be easily overcome; for example, simple advertising to check out their Twitter account, etc for various news and events would be sufficient. Instagram was a lot more user friendly and assessible than I thought, you’d just have to make sure you weren’t violating students’ privacy.

In short, Twitter for professional use and Instagram for in-class use.

Feedly – the blog reader

Hello everyone. Ever thought about using a blog reader? Feedly.com is one of many, and I chose it because it seemed to be the most user-friendly and simplistic out of several. It’s nice because it houses all of your favorite or most frequently visited websites for quicker/easier access. All of the links below will appear on my Feedly feed where I can access them quickly. It’s like a place to organize your favorite websites, etc…

Being in the teaching and writing business, here are a few I found:

Book Riot: I chose this one because it seemed simplistic and because it had many articles, as well as poems, too, to read and enjoy keeping up-to-date on.

Bookish: I choose this one while I was looking for websites that offered book reviews. It looked professional and full of various books to explore.

Goodreads Blog: I decided to follow goodreads blog because they’re very well-known, both for readers and authors, and offer consistently new resources of many types.

Children’s Illustration: I chose this blog because I love to illustrate and want to learn more about the process. It looked like a fun website to explore.

Design of the Picture Book: This website also looked comprehensive and like it offered a lot to garner from the world of illustration.

Also, here is a link to my Tumblr site where I just found a neat illustration and short story based on the novel series: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.