Children’s Books Reviews – 30

There are now 30 books on my page for Children’s Books Reviews, each offering summaries, strengths, and links to audiobooks and interviews, as well links to author websites. If you’re in need of some widely awarded books, or are looking for some great, but underrated books, check out this list, recognizing topics dealing with culture,Continue reading “Children’s Books Reviews – 30”

Various Voices in Audiobooks?

Kristen Cashore’s book, Graceling, is something I picked up at the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library Sell a year or two ago. It’s on audio, and instead of one narrator, it is actually read with a narrator, and individual voices (voice actors) for dialogue. At first, this really threw me off, and I considered turning itContinue reading “Various Voices in Audiobooks?”

Longhand or Typed – Which is Better for Writing?

A post for writers – Longhand, or Typed? Do you do your writing on your computer, or do you write by hand? If you use the computer, there are five reasons you might want to try longhand. Keep reading to see why. Everybody knows that using the keyboard is ten, if not a hundred timesContinue reading “Longhand or Typed – Which is Better for Writing?”