Writing Better – Spontaneity

Spontaneous. Something to be noted about impulsivity is the newness it brings in your life Рnew people, scenery, emotions, and conflict. It is these things that not only generate creativity, but give us something worthy  of penning.

On a similar note, having a spontaneous attitude in our reading habits is to every writer’s advantage. It is the new, fresh structure of sentences, the new style, the unfamiliar and fresh flow and voice that enriches your own writing. It is the awareness of these types of writing that give you the tool box to develop and enrich your own style. And that, my friend, is power. It is the power we garner that gives us control over our words, and in turn, the emotions, thoughts, and images of our readers.

If we can’t control the impressions that our writing gives, we’re helpless in our own attempt to convey our message/story. That is why, therefore, it is essential to read… not only on a daily, greedy basis, but to broaden our reading list. For example, what you garner from a crime novel might surprise you by the way it gives you unique inspiration and tools to convey your story, even though you might not write those kind of stories.

That is why setting planning aside can be so useful. Instead of having the mindset that I’m only going to read realistic fiction, for example, throw in a fantasy book, or vice versa.

Broaden your horizons, literally and figuratively. Here’s a last thought to ponder and apply to your writing: My life is no more determined by tomorrow than it is by today.