How To Write A Book Synopsis

Synopsis Advice – Some Great Tips

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

Once Upon A Time pencilMany writers I know find writing a synopsis VERY difficult. There’s so much you want to include. How do you decide what to leave out? How long it is supposed to be? What tone should you write it in?

5 Steps To A Perfect Synopsis

1. Take time to set up the premise

Use the opening paragraph to set up the setting, premise, and other world building ideas. You only have one chance to draw us into your world. If someone hasn’t read your book and is reading your synopsis first what will they need to know?

2. Focus on conflict

We want to know what trouble we’ll be encountering in this book. What are the road blocks? What hurdles does the main character have to overcome? How high are the stakes?

3. Clearly outline the character’s growth arc

A one dimensional main character will suck the air out of…

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Nifty Tools

There are many books on the craft of writing. Some published writers have used them and some have not. Though you do not have to read books on how to write well, or even on how to get published, it’s still a good idea to do so.

Many books will give you fabulous ideas on how to plot a story, write dialog, and pace while some general fiction books will even teach you how to write action or scenery. (That’s why writers consistently say to read, read, read.)

If you’re looking into getting published and have finished and polished your novel, you might what to check out the “Writer’s Market.” It lists information on not only how to get published, but of countless agents and editors as well. Usually, it is about $50 dollars or more, but you can find it at the library for free!