Query Shark

If you’re like me, you know that reading anything you can about the publishing process is necessary if you hope to become published one day. After you’ve written that initial novel, more than likely, you’re going to want a literary agent. That is, of course, if you don’t decide to self-publish. A literary agent is someone who helps represent you and your work, i.e., your novel and is extremely helpful in all publishing avenues. e of the key ways you find an agent is by writing a query letter. This one paged letter does nothing more than present

One of the key ways you find an agent is by writing a query letter. This one paged letter does nothing more than present you as a professional writer along with the work you are trying to sell. There is a craft in itself in writing one of these make-or-break letters, but to test your letter, you might want to head on over to Query Shark. This website tells you how NOT to write your letter, so you can avoid as many rejections as possible and get that manuscript published.


Books for your Shelves

Perhaps one of the most anticipated events for book lovers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the annual Metropolitan Library Book sale in February. There are thousands of books to buy, all of which are in decent condition. Their prices range from $1 to 50 cents. There is a collectors room, as well, where books are no more than $3. It is a very fun event where suitcases, and any array of bags and rollers are welcome to take out your new TBR pile.


In Your Arsenal

As a writer, it is necessary to have various tools in your arsenal to support you along your writing journey. As a writer for many years, there have been many books that I have viewed in hopes to better my understanding of the craft. One of the books that have been very helpful in my growth as a writer is The Writer’s Little helper. As a beginner writer, it helped me hone and develop my craft, shaping the modes in which I would later generate material. It is a fabulous book, easy to read, and full of helpful information and diagrams. I would highly recommend this book for both beginners and seasoned writers who would like a refresher, and perhaps some neat new ideas to incorporate into their writing arsenal.



Flight of the Griffin

One of the few artistic things I do other than writing. It is always good to see your world come to life… If you find yourself wanting to draw, but feel that you just aren’t any good at it, I understand. I’m not either, except on rare occasions. There are a couple of things that really help me to come out with something other than a squibbly stick person when I draw. One, it helps to have music on that I both enjoy, and can lose myself in. This means I can concentrate. Second, if you look at a picture before hand, it helps tremendously. All you have to do from there is see it on the page and draw what you see. Looking at the page you’re drawing on and “seeing” it there before you make a line is key. At least, those are the two things that really help me.887191_934150210039491_8400908319429681799_o.jpg